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Music Jobs

We are always searching for the best teaching talent in any given location. Even if we aren’t in your city today, we may be there in the future. Express your interest today and you may dominate your local market later.

Teachers usually start part time and work their way up as more students join. Given local market conditions and teacher flexibility, it is possible to reach a full time status.

Why Choose Us

  • Advertising/Brand Recognition

You get to use the value of our brand to grow your students. We provide online marketing and eye-catching yard signs to bring in more students for you. Also, a large portion of our business is built on referrals, providing you with a network of opportunities you can’t make on your own.

  • Office Assistant

Send us your schedule and we build lessons around it. A professional will handle the sales calls for you and manage the logistics to make driving most convenient. You are usually only contacted when a student is added, needs a lesson changed, or dropped.

  • Collecting Dues

It’s our responsibility to collect dues. You just teach and get paid. If you show up and your students aren’t there, you still get a drivers fee to help cover gas.

  • Instrument Rental

This is an excellent way to get students who are “on the fence” to begin lessons. Parents usually aren’t sure if their children will stick with music, and this option gives them an incentive to try lessons.

  • Excellent Pay

We recruit the best teachers and pay them well. Typically our teachers work on an independent contract basis.


  • College Degree – Music Major
  • Clean Background (will be checked)
  • Some Teaching Experience
  • Reliable Transportation

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