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Musicians In Motion is proud to offer piano lessons in Charlotte, NC.  Whether it’s a student’s first time playing a keyboard or someone who wants to learn a new skill, we can teach you.  No matter what your age or desired style of music to play, we will have an instructor for you. If you are looking for a completely different style of learning the piano, take a look at our Simply Music group classes via the link above, and be sure to visit www.musiciansinmotion.com/simply-music-piano-lessons.

The versatility of the piano is astounding. Since its inception, the piano has become such a solid fixture in all forms of melody that modern music could not exist in its current form without someone tickling the old ivory. Learn how to play the piano from the best piano teachers in Charlotte, NC!

We work with all skill levels, from beginners looking for a new hobby to pick up, to longtime players looking for a rewarding experience. Our music store can supply you with all the sheet music you need to keep playing until you’ve worn down those 88 keys.

Stop into Musicians in Motion today to connect with one of our talented piano teachers today!

Charlotte Piano Teachers