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Upcoming Recitals

Dear Parents and Students,
As the holiday season is approaching so are the recitals that our students have been diligently practicing for. These recitals will showcase the immense talent and dedication of our students. Please join us for these festive performances during this special time. Your instructor may be hosting their own recital and we also have general recitals for anyone who cannot their instructor’s recital. Please speak with your instructor for more details, but you can also click the link below to enroll in a recital. 
Please click the link below to sign up:

Important Details for Cold and Flu Season

With Changing seasons, it’s important for us to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone at our studio. We kindly request your cooperation in this matter. 

If you or your student are feeling under the weather, we ask that you please consider a virtual lesson for the week rather than potentially spreading a virus to your instructor and other students. If we are notified at least 24 hours before your lesson time, we can reschedule or do a virtual lesson. If it’s less than 24 hours, you would need to either do an online lesson at the usual time or you can receive a virtual assignment sent by the instructor on the day of the lesson. 

This simple step can help prevent the spread of sickness to our students and our teachers. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to the well-being of our musical community. 


Closures in November and December

We will be closed November 21st-26th and December 19th-Jan 1st. However, your instructor may still be teaching in which case you can use this opportunity to get in some make-up lessons. Please contact your teacher for more details. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your instructor or the front desk.


The Musicians in Motion Team

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