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Drum Lessons in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Come ROCK OUT with one of our amazing drum teachers! And for the early beginner student (ages 4-7), we have an AWESOME Rock Band class where you get to play drums, guitar and piano! Click here for more details about the Rock Band class (Kidzrock).


Explore several art forms as your child builds creativity and confidence in our new Kidzrock class for ages 4-7!


After being heavily involved in the music scene, Jake has seen the practice and experience it takes to be great. His goal is to teach you through fun, interactive lessons, how to be an accomplished musician. Whether you want to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix, drums like Neil Peart, bass like Flea, piano like Elton John, or sing like your favorite artists, he aims to help you harness your potential, and teach you everything I know to help you become the best.

Some of his credits include: Songwriting Award for Pinellas County, Walkers Scholarship for Music, and 8+ years of vocal lessons. He has been in various bands from Metal to Poppunk, and is currently the bassist and keyboard player for Harvest, as well as participating in multiple US tours and tour managed a band signed to Imagen Records.

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Thomas S. has been playing the piano for over 25 years. He has taught numerous styles using different techniques and approaches for over 20 years. His writing/playing styles span from Blues, Rock, Jazz, Folk, Pop, R&B, Classical to Latin. This artist is a self taught guitarist, composer and writer, who mainly works in Charlotte, NC. Thomas’s performance and compositional belt notches were derived from his appearances and performances playing with bands in NYC like The Albatross and Velvet Soul from 2000-2002. He has also played with soulful folkish bands like Eddie Kane and Melodic from 2010-2011. He was a regular on local TV shows in Charlotte such as The Modern Renaissance Man and The Johnny Millwater Show on Access 21 TV. He was also invited to play The Harvard Alumni Club in the summer of 2011. In his earlier years he played in various school plays from 2004-2005.  Thomas’s passion for the arts has proven to be a worthwhile adversary to his list of students over the years. His unique methods of reaching his audience no matter what culture or age range is a God Given gift. Those who have opened their hearts and minds have allowed themselves to experience a teacher who has dedicated his mind, body and soul to each individual person.

Private Drum Lessons In North Charlotte, North Carolina

Dreaming of becoming a professional drummer? Let Musicians In Motion private drum lessons in North Carolina, fulfill your fantasy! Our professional drum classes by excellent drum teachers will make you learn to play this rock and roll instrument using the songs you love. We believe lessons should be enjoyable, so our drum classes are! Whether you are about to begin or have been playing drum set for ages, we are here to help you attain your musical goals.


We have enthusiastic teachers with extensive knowledge to help beginners (ages 4-7) and musicians of all ages learn a variety of music styles, tracks, and melodies. Our staff aims to give the gift of music to all those passionate music lovers. Contact Musician In Motion to avail our affordable beginner drum lessons in North Carolina to live your dream.


What You Will Learn From Our Drum Teachers?

We have a lively team of drum teachers in North Carolina, who are there to teach you to play drums with whatever style of music you love. From fundamental drum exercises to the most fantastic drum solos, we have covered everything essential to make your hands rock on the drum sets. We will start the lessons with simple drum pads and sticks for beginners, and for the ones who already know how to play the drum, we will help enhance their overall skills.


Our teachers with comprehensive music knowledge will offer beginner drum lessons, with proper instructions to help you learn to play drums in the most fun-loving way. Get started with our fantastic team today!

Why Choose Our Private Drum Lessons?

Search for drum teachers near me in Charlotte, NC, and you will get dozens of options. So, why choose our drum classes? What makes us stand unique from others? Here are the reasons:

  • We have a staff of proficient drum teachers with extensive knowledge, wisdom, and experience.
  • Our lessons make you learn from a variety of music styles plus the tracks and tunes you love.
  • We have professional drum teachers in North Carolina, who give challenging music lessons for all skill levels, helping you grow as a skilled drummer.
  • Our fee structure is fairer than the competitive prices.

Start Your Rock And Roll Learning With Us!

Enroll in our private drum lessons in North Carolina today and add a new skill to your profile with us! Musicians In Motion feel proud and more than happy to share their knowledge with beginners and musicians. Our team appreciates your interest in this rocking music industry and fully supports you in achieving your musical goals. Reach out to us and know more about us!

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