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Piano Lessons at South Charlotte and Waxhaw

Musicians In Motion is proud to offer studio piano lessons at our South Charlotte and Waxhaw locations, as well as in-home.

We’re so glad you’re thinking of taking piano lessons at our studio!  The piano is the most universal instrument, and a fantastic choice for those that have not played an instrument before.  At Musicians In Motion, we pride ourselves in having experienced, patient teachers willing to work with students from young to old, beginner to advanced.  We will place you with the right teacher based on your needs and personality, and we offer a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the first lesson!

We offer traditional piano lessons where we teach students to read music from the beginning, but we also have a non-traditional method called Simply Music which is a playing-based method.  If you’ve ever struggled with reading musical notation, this is the method for you because you don’t have to read music to play!  It’s a great way to dive in and start playing great sounding songs from the first lesson.  Click here for more details on Simply Music Piano.  

For info on piano classes for children under 6, please click here.  Click here to learn more.

Not sure which method is for you?  Give us a call or fill out a contact form and we’ll help you out!

Learn And Develop A New Skill By Enrolling in Our Piano Classes

Playing piano can enhance your focus, uplift your mood, and give you a chance to hone your time-management skills. After sharpening your skills, you can participate in various concerts, and being a reputed musician can produce songs with soulful piano music. Connect with us at Musicians In Motion, where we offer students from all spheres the opportunity to learn piano from scratch. We have numerous experienced teachers for piano classes in Central North Carolina, who can give you personalized piano lessons for all age groups.

How To Develop Finger Control On The Piano?

What Services Do We Provide?

Whether your child is three years old or your parent’s age is above 40, if they are willing to take part in piano lessons in Charlotte, North Carolina, Musicians In Motion has opened its doors for every aspiring learner. We will provide lessons from one of the best teachers who matches your needs and personality. Moreover, if you are not pleased with the lessons on day 1, we guarantee you that we will refund your deposit.


We teach the lessons in two ways, traditional and modern. The conventional method includes reading about music. In a modern and non-traditional way, we focus on helping individuals learn everything about music and relate it to the piano. We also have entertaining videos for all age groups where individuals can learn how to play piano in the easiest and most convenient way.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our Skilled Teachers

At Musicians In Motion, we have one of the best piano teachers in Charlotte, North Carolina, who have more than 25 years of experience and know a variety of styles to play the instrument. Whether you want to learn blues, rock, jazz, folk, pop, r&b, classical to Latin, apart from the piano lessons, you will get additional tips on composing songs and other pleasing musical notes.

Cooperation For Students

Suppose the student missed the piano music classes in Waxhaw, North Carolina, due to any reason like their illness or going on a vacation. In that case, the teacher will send a customized video of the lessons to understand them in a better way and cope with the missed class.

Lessons As Per Your Choice

Whether the learner wants to learn one of the best piano lessons in the group with other students or take private lessons, we have options for both. In private lessons, students can understand every basic way of learning piano, effectively bond with the teacher, and enjoy a pleasing and interactive time with our professional piano instructors

Generate A New Hobby With Us!

Learning piano has many benefits, and if you spend time developing and honing your skills, you will feel more relaxed, eased, and positive. Besides this, it will boost your confidence as you can participate in various musical activities. So, why search on the internet for piano classes near me? Get in touch with us and develop a new skill today at Musicians In Motion! All the best for your new learnings!

Meet a few of our Amazing Piano Teachers

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Thomas S. has been playing the piano for over 25 years. He has taught numerous styles using different techniques and approaches for over 20 years. His writing/playing styles span from Blues, Rock, Jazz, Folk, Pop, R&B, Classical to Latin. This artist is a self taught guitarist, composer and writer, who mainly works in Charlotte, NC. Thomas’s performance and compositional belt notches were derived from his appearances and performances playing with bands in NYC like The Albatross and Velvet Soul from 2000-2002. 

He has also played with soulful folkish bands like Eddie Kane and Melodic from 2010-2011. He was a regular on local TV shows in Charlotte such as The Modern Renaissance Man and The Johnny Millwater Show on Access 21 TV. He was also invited to play The Harvard Alumni Club in the summer of 2011. In his earlier years he played in various school plays from 2004-2005. Thomas’s passion for the arts has proven to be a worthwhile adversary to his list of students over the years. 

His unique methods of reaching his audience no matter what culture or age range is a God Given gift. Those who have opened their hearts and minds have allowed themselves to experience a teacher who has dedicated his mind, body and soul to each individual person.

music school in charlotte nc


Christy has been giving private music instruction for 15 years and has been with Musicians In Motion for the last 7. She teaches voice, piano, ukulele, alto saxophone, and flute.

Growing up, she began singing and taking piano lessons at a young age. She used her knowledge of piano to learn many instruments and explore many avenues of music, including vocal ensembles, show choir, concert band, marching band, jazz band, orchestra, and church worship teams.

After high school, she pursued Christian ministry training. While attending Rhema School of Worship in Broken Arrow, OK, she began to teach music lessons and found her special niche of combining her love of kids and music. Christy now teaches music full time, providing private instruction, as well as directing children choirs, group classes, and general music education for a local private school and home school co-ops. She also freelances as a worship leader and keyboard player for area churches.

Christy’s teaching style is to combine solid basic skills with fun and creativity. Songwriting and performing are used to inspire students to use their knowledge and explore different aspects of music. She believes music lessons can serve an important role in developing many areas of mental and emotional well being in people’s lives. It is more than learning to perform a song, it is a journey of self-discovery.


With 19 years of piano playing experience and 12 years of teaching expertise, Garrett is a passionate pianist and an exceptional music educator. He has mastered the art of using the piano as an escape and creative outlet, and he brings that same enthusiasm and love for music into his teaching.

Garrett believes that learning music should be an enjoyable and engaging experience. He understands the importance of making connections with his students and nurturing their individual musical interests. By encouraging his students to learn songs they are genuinely passionate about, Garrett fosters a deep appreciation for music and creates a personalized learning journey.

In addition to teaching, Garrett is a talented composer who enjoys creating his own music. He inspires his students to explore their own creativity and compose their own melodies, instilling a sense of ownership and personal expression in each student’s musical journey.


Joanna is a graduate of New England Conservatory of Music with a degree in Vocal Performance. She has over 20 years experience teaching vocal techniques, song preparation, audition and performance skills and beginner’s piano. She has performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Portland Maine Opera and in Athens, Greece and the Islands. She teaches and loves all genres of music including jazz, musical theatre, pop, classical and opera. She loves to teach any age and any skill level. She currently sings shows of jazz, musical theater and spiritual music at nursing homes through out the Charlotte area.

Micky Fukasawa

Micky took the first piano lesson when she was three years old when her mother found her playing nursery rhymes on a toy piano by herself. While her family moved frequently, her piano playing helped her with making friends and being settled in a new environment. As she grew, she developed her musical interest in singing choral music and operetta. Since then, she started studying voice seriously. Even after she received her degree on BA in English Linguistics in Tokyo and worked for a travel agency, she continued studying voice with numerous opera singers privately. Coming to the States, She decided to work toward a Fine Arts Degree in Music while she raised her two children.

As she began to teach piano and voice privately, she noticed how immensely making music relates to various sensory inputs physically and mentally. She wanted to learn how music can purposely influence people’s body and mind. Currently, she has been studying music therapy at Queens University of Charlotte.

She is excited to join the team and put into practice what she learned from the music therapy program. Besides having fun, she wants the lesson environment to be a safe and comfortable place for students to express their thoughts and emotions.


From a very young age, Rachel Baer was instilled with a love for music. She began taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and would continue lessons for 12 years straight, later adding cello, guitar, singing, and songwriting. 

She first discovered her love of teaching music by helping out her own music teachers and volunteering at camps over the summer. 

Classically trained, she graduated from Master Musicians School of Music and has been certified in the Mark O’Conner Method of teaching. She has taught students of all ages and has played in multiple orchestras, weddings, church events, and studio recordings. As well as participated in many recitals and scholarship competitions, receiving Superior performance four years in a row. 

Rachel is passionate about helping encourage each of her students to not only learn and appreciate all types of music, but also reach their goals and become the musician they hope to be. 

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Jordan Owen graduated from Appalachian State University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Music degree in Instrumental Music Education. She grew up in Salisbury, NC where she started singing from a very early age. One of her first memories is singing the national anthem at a Kannapolis Intimidators game when she was only 4 years old. Jordan is a soprano and started taking voice lessons when she was 6 years old.

While she was at Appalachian, Jordan continued to grow in her musical ability, earning high placements in top ensembles. She is multi-talented and plays a variety of instruments from across the band including clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, saxophone, and piano. She also has experience composing and arranging music for chamber ensembles.

In the past few years, Jordan has been responsible for running several performance ensembles. She was a conductor for the Appalachian State Clarinet choir and worked alongside the head director of bands as a teacher’s assistant for the conducting class. She also has extensive experience in marching band, having directed the Appalachian State Basketball Band and being the drum major of the Appalachian State Marching Mountaineers her senior year.

Jordan is experienced in a variety of styles including classical, jazz, opera, pop, and rock and has 16 years of vocal training and 12 years of instrumental training. She is passionate about helping her students strive for the highest in music and in life.


Arpine was born and raised in Armenia and moved to the United States in 2008.  She has received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biology and Physiology. For about 7 years, she has enjoyed teaching biology to high and middle school students, but her true passion has always been music.  Arpine attended and graduated from an accredited music school with emphasis in piano and ever since music became an integral part of her life.  In 2009 she and her family moved to North Carolina and now call Waxhaw home.


Thomas Evans has been teaching piano and cello for 6 years. He has studied under Dr. Mira Frisch, Gail Schroeder, Janis Nilsen, Holly Maurer, and Tanja Bechtler. He has taken master classes under Alison Crum. Thomas participated in an Early Music Workshop held in Cullowhee NC for three summers. He plays with a praise band as well as orchestra weekly at Assurance UMC. In addition to cello, piano, and electric cello, Thomas plays recorder and Viola de Gamba.
In 2009, he played in Conquistadors and Collaboration (early folk and art music in South America) with members of the Charlotte Symphony. Thomas has played in theater productions, including Floyd Collins and The Last Five Years. He played for the CAST Theater, Hickory Arts, and in Hickory for special events. Thomas performed with the Western Piedmont Symphony. He has played in Founders Hall for Embracing Piazzolla, a tango inspired dance and music performance.
Thomas is an established, experienced, finely trained, professional musician. Thomas is intuitive,
innovative and versatile in his teaching methods, taking the time to give the students the care and
attention that they need. Thomas instills positive habits and healthy techniques into the student’s routines while paying attention to each child’s different learning styles, interests and abilities.


Explore several art forms as your child builds creativity and confidence in our new visual arts classes for ages 2-5!

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