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Group Piano Lessons

Musicians In Motion’s unique style of group piano allows students of different levels to learn at the same time. These classes are for ages 6 and up. Current private students wanting extra help are also welcome to join a group class at a discounted rate. To see the available times, click on the links below

-Monthly tuition- $100

-Enrollment fee which includes books- $65

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students in each class? 3 for a 30 minute lesson, 5 for 60 minute classes.

Do you offer private lessons? For beginners, we feel that group classes are most appropriate until the student has finished level 1. This takes anywhere between 1 and 2 years. By this point, students have demonstrated they want to commit more to practicing and are therefore ready to commit to one-on-one lessons.

How do you deal with students at different levels? Every student in the classes are considered beginners and have had less than 2 years of lessons. Because each student works at his/her own keyboard, each student can be on different songs and at different levels without slowing anyone down. 

Is there a specific time we would need to enroll? Students can join a class at any time due to the multi-level setup.

How much is the class? $100/mo plus $65 to enroll which includes the book.

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Do we need to own a piano? Students are required to have a piano or keyboard to practice on from the 2nd week of class.  They are also required to practice 10-15 minutes per day or a total of 1 hour per week to begin with. As they advance through the book, this time requirement will increase.

How much should my child practice? The absolute minimum to see progress is approximately 1 hour per week. This can be broken down to 10-15 minutes per day. It’s best to be consistent rather than trying to do it all in one or two days. Spread it out over 5-7 days.  

Can I enroll in private lessons instead of the group class? We prefer that students start with the group class until they complete level one.  Sometimes we recommend private lessons such as in the case of behavioral issues, but the group piano class works out for most students.  

Which piano should I get? We recommend getting a full sized digital piano by either Yamaha or Casio. Off-brand pianos will be cheaper and not last as long or sound as good. Below are a few suggestions.

Nice starter keyboard with nice stand a pedal system  
Cheapest digital piano option. Make sure you also get the stand and foot pedal
Minimum recommended keyboard which will last 1-2 years before needing to upgrade.
Be sure to get the stand and power supply

Our Group Piano Teachers


With 19 years of piano playing experience and 6 years of teaching expertise, Garrett is a passionate pianist and an exceptional music educator. He has mastered the art of using the piano as an escape and creative outlet, and he brings that same enthusiasm and love for music into his teaching.

Garrett believes that learning music should be an enjoyable and engaging experience. He understands the importance of making connections with his students and nurturing their individual musical interests. By encouraging his students to learn songs they are genuinely passionate about, Garrett fosters a deep appreciation for music and creates a personalized learning journey.

In addition to teaching, Garrett is a talented composer who enjoys creating his own music. He inspires his students to explore their own creativity and compose their own melodies, instilling a sense of ownership and personal expression in each student’s musical journey.


Thomas Evans has been teaching piano and cello for 6 years. He has studied under Dr. Mira Frisch, Gail Schroeder, Janis Nilsen, Holly Maurer, and Tanja Bechtler. He has taken master classes under Alison Crum. Thomas participated in an Early Music Workshop held in Cullowhee NC for three summers. He plays with a praise band as well as orchestra weekly at Assurance UMC. In addition to cello, piano, and electric cello, Thomas plays recorder and Viola de Gamba.

In 2009, he played in Conquistadors and Collaboration (early folk and art music in South America) with members of the Charlotte Symphony. Thomas has played in theater productions, including Floyd Collins and The Last Five Years. He played for the CAST Theater, Hickory Arts, and in Hickory for special events. Thomas performed with the Western Piedmont Symphony. He has played in Founders Hall for Embracing Piazzolla, a tango inspired dance and music performance.

Thomas is an established, experienced, finely trained, professional musician. Thomas is intuitive,
innovative and versatile in his teaching methods, taking the time to give the students the care and
attention that they need. Thomas instills positive habits and healthy techniques into the student’s routines while paying attention to each child’s different learning styles, interests and abilities.


Musicians in Motion is the place to be to let your child explore the world of music!

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