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Ukulele Lessons in South Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC

The curriculum of the ukulele is much like the guitar’s: all students learn chords and chord symbols, strumming, fingerstyle, scales and technique, singing and playing, and improvisation.

The Guinness Book of World Records states that the ukulele is the easiest instrument to learn. The ukulele is a small fretted instrument with four strings known for its unique, bright timbre. It’s often associated with Hawaii, because that’s where it originated! Officially pronounced Ooo-koo-lay-lay.

For those parents who want their young child to learn to play the guitar we urge them to consider the ukulele instead. The nylon strings of a ukulele are softer and easier to press down than guitar strings, making it easier for children who haven’t built up the finger strength required for guitar. Also, the ukulele is a far more manageable size for the young student and therefore less discouraging to learn.

Learn Ukulele With Our Professional Ukulele Teacher, Waxhaw NC

Ukulele is not an accessible piece of equipment to learn and play with. Only someone with focus and determination can understand how to play the ukulele skillfully. Whether you are thinking about taking private ukulele lessons or trying to learn in a group, consider joining our professional ukulele teacher, Waxhaw, NC. However, learning music is not about grasping the knowledge of vocals. You also must understand how to set your hands on playing the different instruments and know how to attach your music to the equipment in the best way possible.


Therefore, learning music is necessary as it can enhance a multitude of your musical and other coordination skills. Are you excited to learn extraordinary musical instruments? Learning instruments does not always mean doing it for some specific purpose. Many reputed professionals conduct ukulele lessons, Charlotte, NC, and devote their teachings to individuals committed to following their passion.


What All Our Professional Ukulele Teacher, Waxhaw NC. Has To Offer?

You must wonder how a Ukulele session would be most valuable for you. Ukulele is about the same as the guitar. Our professional ukulele teachers, Waxhaw NC, are skilled and have an excellent musical taste. They are experts at helping students to learn all about chords and chord symbols, strumming, fingerstyle, scales and technique, singing and playing, and improvisation.


Age is never a problematic factor in learning. Our skilled teachers provide beginner ukulele lessons if you have developed the taste of learning ukulele at fifty. They help you understand everything about playing ukulele from scratch so that you can quickly settle your hand over the instrument.

What Outstands Us From Others?

Skilled Teachers

It is one of the essential things you must seek while finalizing your instrument classes. We have a team of skilled teachers with years of experience in their musical instruments. Therefore, they can teach you from the basic to the advanced level. Our students are proof of how skilled teachers we have.

Flexibility With Lessons

We understand that you or your children must have busy schedules, so you might be unable to attend fixed-time classes. However, Musicians In Motion offers flexibility for taking ukulele lessons, Charlotte NC. You can take courses according to your preference, whether you want to study in a group or take private lessons. However, most students prefer private classes, as they can learn all the intricacies of playing instruments.

Latest Techniques

Learning any instrument is a challenging task. With time we have seen a drastic change in teaching methods. Nowadays, learning can be easy if teachers use the latest techniques to teach their students. Musicians In Motion offers the latest education courses, so all music lovers and beginners can learn quickly and effectively.

Enroll In Our Ukulele Lessons Today!

If you are also new to the field of music, consider contacting us at Musicians In Motion and enrolling in our special classes for beginners. Our experienced teachers are there to teach you how to play the ukulele and enhance your skills. If you are interested in enrolling in ukulele lessons and searching for a ukulele teacher near me,  reach out to Musicians In Motion today! Our organized teachers have proven their skills in specific instruments. Enroll with us today to take a deeper dive into the music world!


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Jordan Owen graduated from Appalachian State University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Music degree in Instrumental Music Education. Jordan has a NC teaching certificate for grades K-12 in Music Education. She grew up in Salisbury, NC where she started singing from a very early age. One of her first memories is singing the national anthem at a Kannapolis Intimidators game when she was only 4 years old. Jordan is a soprano and started taking voice lessons when she was 6 years old.

While she was at Appalachian, Jordan continued to grow in her musical ability, earning high placements in top ensembles. She is multi-talented and plays a variety of instruments from across the band including clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, saxophone, and piano. She also has experience composing and arranging music for chamber ensembles.

In the past few years, Jordan has been responsible for running several performance ensembles. She was a conductor for the Appalachian State Clarinet choir and worked alongside the head director of bands as a teacher’s assistant for the conducting class. She also has extensive experience in marching band, having directed the Appalachian State Basketball Band and being the drum major of the Appalachian State Marching Mountaineers her senior year.

Jordan is experienced in a variety of styles including classical, jazz, opera, pop, and rock and has 16 years of vocal training and 12 years of instrumental training. She is passionate about helping her students strive for the highest in music and in life.


From a very young age, Rachel Baer was instilled with a love for music. She began taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and would continue lessons for 12 years straight, later adding cello, guitar, singing, and songwriting. 

She first discovered her love of teaching music by helping out her own music teachers and volunteering at camps over the summer. 

Classically trained, she graduated from Master Musicians School of Music and has been certified in the Mark O’Conner Method of teaching. She has taught students of all ages and has played in multiple orchestras, weddings, church events, and studio recordings. As well as participated in many recitals and scholarship competitions, receiving Superior performance four years in a row. 

Rachel is passionate about helping encourage each of her students to not only learn and appreciate all types of music, but also reach their goals and become the musician they hope to be. 


Caleb started playing music at age five, and settled on the violin at seven. He continued classical violin training into high school, as well as learning other instruments along the way such as the viola, mandolin, and guitar. He enjoyed participating in orchestra, bands, and chamber music in high school, which led to his decision to pursue music full time in college. 

Caleb has a degree in music from Morningstar University and a Certification in the O’Connor Violin Method from Gardner-Webb University. 

Caleb currently teaches music students at Cramerton Christian Academy, Piedmont Music Academy, and Acorn Acres String Camps, as well as teaching privately in the Charlotte, NC area. 

He is dedicated to helping students find the same enjoyment for music that he has!


Spencer Bloodworth is a music instructor, multi-instrumentalist & vocalist who has been performing across the Carolinas since 2010 & teaching lessons in the Charlotte area since 2014. Primarily a guitarist with a deep love for American roots music & a variety of other eclectic styles, he studied political science at UNCW before entering the music performance program at Central Piedmont Community College, where he learned from & played with Charlotte jazz icon Bill Hanna. He loves to share the joy of making music, whether with his students in the classroom, with his bandmates in The Bloodworth Project, or as a solo singer-songwriter.

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Christy has been giving private music instruction for 15 years and has been with Musicians In Motion for the last 7. She teaches voice, piano, ukulele, alto saxophone, and flute.

Growing up, she began singing and taking piano lessons at a young age. She used her knowledge of piano to learn many instruments and explore many avenues of music, including vocal ensembles, show choir, concert band, marching band, jazz band, orchestra, and church worship teams.

After high school, she pursued Christian ministry training. While attending Rhema School of Worship in Broken Arrow, OK, she began to teach music lessons and found her special niche of combining her love of kids and music. Christy now teaches music full time, providing private instruction, as well as directing children choirs, group classes, and general music education for a local private school and home school co-ops. She also freelances as a worship leader and keyboard player for area churches.

Christy’s teaching style is to combine solid basic skills with fun and creativity. Songwriting and performing are used to inspire students to use their knowledge and explore different aspects of music. She believes music lessons can serve an important role in developing many areas of mental and emotional well being in people’s lives. It is more than learning to perform a song, it is a journey of self-discovery.


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